Betrayal in the city

My step sister was running a business in Mathare and she used to enjoy herself to the fullest as her surroundings had  joints for entertainment, ranging from bars, film theatres, discotheque and so on.

How unfortunate, my sister rarely came home to pay us a visit, as she had only time to spare in these joints and hang out with friends not putting into consideration the risks she was endangering her life into.

One day, she had promised my mother that she would come and pay us a visit and spend the weekend at home. When she was about to leave, her friend came and offered to buy her a drink for the weekend, out of which she absolutely accepted.

They went to the nearest bar and drank till they could walk no more. By the time evening reached, they were busy merry-making in the pub, little did my worried mother know where her lovely daughter was.

We stayed awake till mid night waiting for her to pop in, but all was in vain. Her phone was off and we decided to retire to bed hoping that she would turn up the following day.

By the time my sister was reaching home the following day, she was very tired and just collapsed at the door step. By the time she was being rushed to the hospital, she was already in a coma.

She was hospitalized and before she could see the sunshine of the following day, she passed on.

postmortem results indicated that, she had been poisoned and that is the last we heard of our dear sister.


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