Betrayal in the city

My step sister was running a business in Mathare and she used to enjoy herself to the fullest as her surroundings had  joints for entertainment, ranging from bars, film theatres, discotheque and so on.

How unfortunate, my sister rarely came home to pay us a visit, as she had only time to spare in these joints and hang out with friends not putting into consideration the risks she was endangering her life into.

One day, she had promised my mother that she would come and pay us a visit and spend the weekend at home. When she was about to leave, her friend came and offered to buy her a drink for the weekend, out of which she absolutely accepted.

They went to the nearest bar and drank till they could walk no more. By the time evening reached, they were busy merry-making in the pub, little did my worried mother know where her lovely daughter was.

We stayed awake till mid night waiting for her to pop in, but all was in vain. Her phone was off and we decided to retire to bed hoping that she would turn up the following day.

By the time my sister was reaching home the following day, she was very tired and just collapsed at the door step. By the time she was being rushed to the hospital, she was already in a coma.

She was hospitalized and before she could see the sunshine of the following day, she passed on.

postmortem results indicated that, she had been poisoned and that is the last we heard of our dear sister.


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It was on Monday morning, the weather was as cool as a cucumber……and we could just hear the sounds of birds from a far.

As we were crossing the road , we saw a speeding vehicle from a far coming fast, I ran very fast, hardly had my sister crossed the road than I heard a loud bang of the lorry.

Immediately, I looked behind, I saw my sister grimming in pain, trying to shout for help. I ran back to her, as on lookers were trying to offer her first aid, I realized her leg had a fracture. After a few seconds, she was rushed to hospital still writhing in pain.

I decided to let them go with a teacher from our school who saw the accident, as I rushed back home to tell my mother. I was half walking and half running on the way, sobbing uncontrollably at the same time.

The moment I knocked the door, my mother was still in deep sleep and I had to knock the door several times. When I was about to give up, she came and opened the door, tears filled my eyes as I tried to explain to my mother what had happened. I could hardly talk, the more tears rolled down my eyes, the more my mother became more anxious and worried.

I tried to strengthen my shaking voice and told her,”As we were crossing the road, a speeding vehicle hit Rehema and the leg got injured but she has been rushed to Guru Nanak Hospital by the Samaritans together with the person who hit her.

My mother did not utter a word, she rushed back to the room, changed her clothes, brushed her teeth and after two minutes, we left.She hired a taxi that drove us to the hospital.

Immediately, we reached the hospital, we inquired from the receptionist the ward my sister had been admitted to, we were shown and we headed straight there.We found her still writhing in pain but the leg had already been bandaged. The doctor asked us to allow her to rest so the pain would  go down.
My mother’s face looked so remorseful but she remained strong. The driver of the vehicle apologized and settled down the bill and paid my mother ksh 20,000 for other costs that would have risen later due to the accident.

My mother refused to accept the cash and referred the matter to the police station, where the driver and I, recorded statements,later he was locked up in the cell and we left.

My sister was responding well to the medication, after three weeks, she was discharged but still had difficulties in walking. It took her two months to recover fully. Luckily, she went back to her feet.

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Stop Drug Abuse

It was one Tuesday afternoon when we were heading home from school. Suddenly, we heard voices of women that sounded strange. We stood for one second trying to trace the direction the voices were coming from.

When we turned on our left, we heard more noise and decided to go and see what had happened. Shock on us! The women were drunk, some were smoking while others were busy taking drugs. None of them was sober.

We stood there for a while looking at them in disbelief. When they noticed our presence, they started hurling abuses at us, while dancing at the same time dancing.

All over sudden, they became rowdy and started pelting stones on the passers-by while screaming. They became a nuisance and we decided to alert the police who were based at the nearest police station.

When we reported the matter, the police responded immediately and arrested the women.

This was a great lesson, not only to the women but to all drunkards in the area, that when they are drunk and they become disorderly, law will catch up with them.

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A friend in need, is a friend in deed

It was Sunday morning when I visited my aunt and on my way back home I heard that my neighbor is in the hospital. I knew that my neighbor was pregnant so I decided not to go home not to go home straight and I went to the hospital.

When I reached to the hospital, I was confused, because I did not know the room she was admitted at, and I decided to sit on a bench. After a few minutes, I saw a nurse coming and I asked her  if there was a woman who had been admitted at the hospital some minutes earlier and the nurse asked,”A heavy woman?” I replied,”Yes.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Then the nurse went to the ward and asked for the woman’s name,”Ruth Akoth,” and after a few minutes, the relatives of the woman came out and they looked so gloomy.

I felt pity for them and could not ask them if there was sad news ahead. I called the nurse aside and she told me the woman had passed away while delivering but the child was alive and kicking. She had given birth to a baby boy.

After mourning for one week, the woman was buried and the child was left with the father. His father was alcoholic and rarely bothered to feed the baby, with time, he grew weaker and finally passed away.

Despite the father being an alcoholic, the relatives or even the neighbors would have come in to help care for the child, but they did not. The damage had already been done.

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Stop corruption! Avoid corruption!

Last Saturday, on my way to the shop, I saw two policemen taking drugs. They were smoking Marijuana and drinking alcohol at the same time. I got shocked and went back home running.

Immediately I reached home, my heart was thumping so fast and when my parents saw me struggling to breath,they asked me what had happened. Each and every time I tried explaining to them, I kept on running short of breathe.

After 15 minutes, I told them what I came across while heading to the shop. They could not believe their ears and my father decided we go back together, since  the saying goes, seeing is believing. When we reached the door step, he asked me if I was sure they were policemen. I assured him they were, though they were not dressed in uniform, but they had guns and hand cuffs.

As we moved closer, we saw them arresting three boys. Immediately, my father was bold enough and demanded to know why they handcuffed those boys. They answered my father that they had caught them smoking marijuana and drinking the illicit brew.

My father felt offended and questioned them why they were not being fair and just, as some minutes earlier, they were seen smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. They ignored and went ahead and hand cuffed the boys and took them to the police station.

My father did not spare them. He started following them, and when they asked him where he was heading to, he answered them that he was going to record a statement. The moment he reached the police station, he was told to come back on Saturday the following week.

The next week came, so we went to the police station and the police officer told my father that we would have to go to the court. When we reached the court, my father told me to not be shy and to tell the truth about what I saw. The policemen were arrested.

After two days, I saw the same two policemen taking drugs again. I asked my neighbor which day they were released from jail and she said the day before. I went home and told my parents. My father said they must have  probably bribed the judge.

I want to tell everyone that corruption is the worst thing in our society. Policemen, you have to be the first people to stop drug abuse. If you are taking drugs and you tell somebody to stop doing the same, he or she will not take you seriously. So I want to tell the police to stop abusing drugs as they should be our role models, not criminals

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Stop infringing people’s rights!

It was Monday morning when I was going to school. I heard my neighbor shouting at her daughter that from that day hence forth, she will never go back to school. She was to start remaining in the house to do house chores.

I felt pity for her but could not do anything. Her mother continued yelling at her saying,”you lazy girl! Good for nothing.” When she started crying, her mother slapped her on the face and ordered her to stay quiet.

Later, her mother went to the shop and bought a bar of soap. When she came back, she ordered her to wash all the clothes and utensils within 10 minutes and by the time she comes back, the girl should be through .

When she came back, the girl was not yet through with the washing. She started beating her up senselessly and swore never to give her food. To add salt to injury, she added her another role of looking after her younger sister. More so, she was not allowed to go out and play, she was to stay indoors all day long.

The girl found this unbearable and decided to be rebellious so that she could find her way back to school. When she told her mother that she had to go back to school and also play with her age mates, her mother took it as an offence but it was over.

This is a big lesson to all those who like mistreating children.

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Painful death

I once had a friend who was called Ruth.I liked her so much because apart from being beautiful, she was very intelligent. She could help in my school assignments more often.

I had a friend whose name was Ruth. She was a very good friend from my school. She was a very beautiful girl and clever After a few days, I heard that she had a boyfriend.

One day, I had that she had a boyfriend,yet she was just 14 years by then. I was not envying her, but much as I knew she was an intelligent girl, the issue of boys would distract her attention in academics.

Being a close friend, I decided  to pay her a visit and talk to her on regard to that matter. When I reached and knocked the door, her mother opened for me and the usual smiles were no more. She looked devastated while telling me she had not set eyes on her daughter for some time.

One day, my mother sent me to the market to buy vegetables. Immediately I made a turn, I saw someone resembling Ruth. A s I moved closer so that I could get a closer look at her, actually, she was the one.

I could not believe the moment we set eyes on each other. She was no longer the Ruth I knew. She was shabbily dressed with unkempt hair. She requested me to go with her to where she lived so that I could know her residence.

We headed to shanties. The place was so filthy and I kept on gazing at her, trying to ask myself several questions that went unanswered on what made her make such a decision.

When we were seated at her one room bedroom, two girls came in carrying paper bag that they had hidden.When they opened it, they removed drugs that had been wrapped inside. After few minutes, four boys came in and  started smoking marijuana and cocaine. I got surprised since they were still under 18 years of age.

I felt pity for Ruth but I could not convince her otherwise but would always pray for her to change one day. I left a very sad person going back home with a thousand questions ringing on my mind.

A few weeks later, I heard that Ruth was back home. I was very happy and was yearning so much to see her and thank her for making such a healthy decision. When I went to their place the following day, her younger sister told me she had been rushed to the hospital after falling sick.

I inquired very fast the name of the hospital where she had been admitted. I rushed immediately. When I entered the ward she had been, I found it empty and was told by the nurse in-charge to go and confirm from the inquiry desk where she had been taken to. As I dashed out, I saw her mother wailing uncontrollably, her daughter had passed away as a result of high in-take of drugs. She was all gone, no more.

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